Welcome to our world. A world where all South Africans have access to world class medicines at affordable prices.A world where affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege. A world where the final measure of our success is a simple curve – the smile of health regained.

At CiplaMedpro we subscribe to the ethos that all South Africans should have access to world class, yet affordable medicines and to that end we endeavour to produce medicines of superior quality and to introduce these medicines to our society as inexpensively as possible, thereby lessening the burden of high drug costs and bettering the health and lives of all South Africans.

CiplaMedpro (Pty) Ltd is one of South Africa’s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies and currently third largest. Cipla is a leading provider of chronic medicines to the public and private sectors. It commands an ever-increasing share within, inter alia, the cardiovascular, antiretroviral, respiratory and neuropsychiatric categories.

To heal South Africa and to become the largest and most respected pharmaceutical company in Southern Africa.

To become the preferred partner in medicine

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• Empowerment
• Freedom to Succeed
• Service Excellence
• Social Responsibility