Juliet Houghton

Juliet Houghton is the Country Director for CHIVA South Africa, an NGO that works to build capacity and skills of health workers in South Africa to assist the government’s HIV response to children and adolescents.

She is an HIV Nurse Specialist with experience in managing HIV-infected children and adolescents over the past 20 years. She is also a social anthropologist, having graduated with a distinction in the social anthropology of childhood and child development from Brunel University in London in 2005.

Juliet is actively involved in the development of resources and guidelines in South Africa, including co-authorship of the KZN Step-by-Step Guide for Paediatric ART, and is a contributor and review for the SA HIV Clinicians Society on Paediatric and Adolescent HIV management guidelines and toolkits. She is currently working with the Foundation for Professional Development to develop a certified course on the management of HIV in adolescents.