Nonhlanhla Motlokoa

Nonhlanhla Motlokoa is a Nurse Project Manager, who has a vast experience in Community health nursing. Besides her 4 years Comprehensive Nursing Diploma (Midwifery, Psychiatric and Community health), she acquired a B TECH in Occupational Health Nursing and a post graduate diploma in Nursing Administration. She joined the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society in 2012 June and she’s the first point of contact for nurse members within the organisation. Before then she worked for more than 15 years in Private, Government and NGO Institutions. In all the institutions she worked for she was specialising in Community health, HIV/AIDS care and Primary health care services. She managed a Sex Work Project for 4years and worked for First National Bank as a Primary health care nurse and briefly managed a new clinic at Wes bank in Fairlands. She’s currently employed to manage a Nurse programme and supporting nurses working with patients who have HIV/AIDS and TB, regionally and nationally. Her main duties are to  provide an up to date clinically relevant simple yet scientific HIV Nursing matters magazine, compiling and sending HIV/TB related sms clinical tips, provide a support programme/networks for HIV positive nurses, and to strengthen the capacity of HIV trained nurses to provide HIV prevention , care and treatment services.