Sarah Fidler

s.fidlerSarah Fidler is currently working in the department of Medicine at Imperial College London as a Reader and consultant physician in HIV Medicine. She has been involved in designing and leading HIV clinical studies around the role of immediate ART at the time of HIV seroconversion. This work began as a small observational study in 2000, and was followed by an international RCT (SPARTAC) trial funded by the Wellcome Trust across 7 different countries (2004-2011). Since 2012,  Sarah has led the development of the UK HIV Cure initiative (CHERUB) which has set up a cross UK collaboration of clinicians and scientists investigating proof of concept studies of novel interventions in patients treated with ART  at the time of seroconversion.

Sarah Fidler’s other main area of research interest is IHV prevention. She is the co-PI of an international community randomised study (HPTN071- PopART)  in Zambia and S Africa testing a combination HIV prevention program which include “test and treat” model  on HIV incidence. This trial will report in 2017.