Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker is a senior leader, strategist and clinician-scientist in the SA health and research sectors, with a significant academic and programmatic track record in HIV, hepatitis viruses, vaccines and public health programs in Africa and beyond. Founded his health strategy business in 2005 (>50 public health staff), after career in clinical medicine; clinical and laboratory research leading to a PhD; Clinical Virology specialization; vaccine experience; and leadership of South Africa’s largest R&D program, the South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI). Tim is a Clinical Virologist. He obtained a Ph.D. (UCT) in molecular virology. He has trained in business strategy (Wits).

Tim owns “SEAD Consulting” –a public health consultancy dedicated to improving the health of poor communities through health strategy consulting and public health interventions. SEAD is a level 4 B-BEEE accredited business. He has led the development of critical health strategies and interventions for public and private sector-funded activities.

Tim has played leadership roles in multiple vaccine R&D programs within SA and abroad. As SAAVI Director he led the consortium to become a leading player in the laboratory development and clinical testing of HIV vaccines globally. SAAVI was the first developing country initiative to research, develop, manufacture, perform pre-clinical analysis and clinical trials of a novel HIV vaccine.

Tim has been a long standing honorary member of staff at UCT. He is a Board member of the National Health Laboratory Service and the SA HIV Clinicians’ Society. He is a member of the US NIH AIDS Strategy Working Group.