Tom Boyles

I graduated from Oxford University in 2000 and undertook basic medical training in the UK and New Zealand. After completing an MD in chronic hepatitis C at the University of Cardiff and the Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the University of Liverpool I moved to South Africa in 2007. For the next 3 years I worked as a physician at Madwaleni hospital in the Eastern Cape. My focus was on the development of a decentralised HIV and ART programme and management of a ward of mostly HIV infected inpatients. By 2010 the programme cared for around 5000 patients with all those who were eligible for ART having initiated therapy. In addition there was active and integrated care for those not yet eligible for ART.

In 2010 I moved to Groote Schuur Hospital to undertake sub-specialist training within the division of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine and completed the Certificate in Infectious Diseases in 2012. Since then I have continued to work as a consultant in the same department and my responsibilities have expanded to included outreach and support to peripheral hospitals and an antibiotic stewardship programme. My research interests include operational research to improve strategies of care for TB and HIV and the optimal use of medical tests.